Treek’s Password Manager 2.1 update is released

We’ve released a minor patch for our password manager app. Generally, we’ve fixed some problems and added small number of new features.

  • Fixed password security advisor: The older discontinued API for password leakage check was replaced with new one.
    • Now only first 5 chars of password hash are sent to the server with leaked passwords DB.
  • Added option to check if database master password was leaked during widely know security breaches during database creation.
  • Reworked autotype feature
    • Autotype has now introduction screen briefly explaining how to use this feature
    • Autotype now supports custom scripts which can be used even for non-standard type of login forms
  • Improved automatic icons for passwords feature
  • Fixed clipboard manager bug causing that in very rare occasions the password (or other data) were immediately removed from clipboard right after copy
  • Performance improvements
  • Graphics library upgrade
  • Reworked about dialog
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