Treek's Licensing Library provides secure way to manage licensing of your applications.


Treek's Licensing Library allows you to automate license issuance through Activation server on-premise or hosted by us.


Free to try and affordable for commercial use. Prices starts at $49. Undoubtably best prices on the market.

About software

Treek’s Licensing Library (TLL) was developed to provide strong licensing security to software developers. It comes as standalone DLL usable in almost all Windows applications. Additionally you can order the licensing API to get track of your installations, license and application usage, provide updates and much more. With prices starting at $49 for single developer it’s most valuable product for the best price on the market.


  • Uncrackable license files based on public key cryptography
  • Easy to use Toolbox for manual license generation
  • Time limitation of licenses, prevention of changing computer time
  • Locking license to one or more computers by hardware ID
  • Locking license using end user’s IP address
  • Allowed and blocked feature lists
  • Custom information in your license data
  • Compatible with: C#, VB.NET, VBA, F#, C++ and other programming languages through COM interface
  • Optional online Activation server software
  • Easy to use within your code with many examples available


You can download library from it’s product website.


You can purchase the software from TLL site here. Please, always test the integration before you purchase the product.