10 years of experience in encrypted communications and IT security

Our company provides custom software & security solutions for more than 10 years on the global market. For multiple client’s we’ve configured their networks to reach the best possible security grade for their data. Thus, we’ve huge experience with VPN software also.

Real security based on your needs

Before we provide any VPN (or other) service, we would like to analyze your needs with you. We believe this is crucial to make any software solution secure enough. It’s simple. Small company has different requirements than government. Most of the times, the budget also differs.

This process allows us to create real security for you. It allows to identify the possible weaknesses and propose solution to them. It also means, that you always know exactly what are you paying for.

Well known VPN software integration

We’re experienced with OpenVPN and also Sofether VPN servers. These are the most advanced and free VPN servers which we use for most of our customers.

Get in touch

You can simply write us few lines regarding your requirements and we’ll write you back.