Powerful web applications

Our company builds powerful web applications. We can create customized management system as well as setup WordPress page for you.

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Leading Windows software

We've devloped successfull solutions for protection of intellectual property, communication encryption, business database solutions and much more.

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Network management

We're managing dozens of servers for us and our customers. We have experience with Windows & Linux server OS, virtualization and much more.

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Treek's Licensing Library

Leading software licensing protection service online. Visit www.treekslicensinglibrary.com

JDSW knowledge

We have advanced knowledge of following technologies:

Programming: C#, VB.NET, MSSQL, MySQL, PHP, LINQ, Entity Framework, Nette, JDSW APIs, ASP.NET, VB for applications

Network management: Windows Server (2008+), Linux (Debian based), Active Directory, IIS, MS Exchange, DNS, DHCP, network devices management (routers, firewalls)

Other: WordPress, Joomla, MS Office (Word, Excel, Access)