About Jan Drozd software

Jan Drozd software is EU based company, with office in Prague, Czech Republic. We're providing industry leading products in software licensing protection, encrypted communications. We also develop custom websites and software for Microsoft Windows operating system. JDSW was established in 2009 and has more than 10 years of experience with custom software and web development. Our products are used by hundreds of customers (and thousands of end-users) across all continents.

Founder and CEO

Jan Drozd studied information technologies in Prague and established JDSW company in 2009. He is known as computer enthusiast with advanced knowledge of software technologies. He managed, developed and worked on large quantity of projects. His main knowledge is in development of .NET applications, APIs and backends. He has advanced knowledge of Windows API and its internals also.

Advanced technology knowledge

Programming: C#, VB.NET, MSSQL, MySQL, PHP, LINQ, Entity Framework, Nette, REST APIs, ASP.NET, VB for applications, WPF, UWP, Windows Forms, Win32

Network management: Windows Server (2008+), Linux (Debian based), Active Directory, IIS, MS Exchange and other e-mail servers, DNS services, DHCP services, VMWare, Lotus Notes, Routing, Firewalls

Other: WordPress, Joomla, MS Office (Word, Excel, Access), Docker, Git