Beware of fake TLL cracks, keygens and serials

Through this year, we’ve been contacted multiple times by our clients, that they’ve found a crack and other types of license circumvention software for TLL. No matter how it sounds like, we’re happy for such reports.

As TLL goes more and more popular, the groups of crooks, who distribute malware, spotted our software also. It happens to each product which goes widely popular. What is their operating scenario? We never ignore [potential] security threats and we digged into this problematics.

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Treek’s Licensing Library November 2019 update

Dear clients,

we’re pleased to announce some changes and new features we introduced to TLL this month. It’s always a pleasure to get feedback from our customers and improve product based on it. This month, we’ve worked closely with British company PC Assist @ Home. We’re happy for their feedback which helped us a lot to improve our service.

TLL change list:

  • Generic nag/demo screen was added to TLLInterface
    • Display demo (or shareware or trial) warning/notification by one line of code
    • Configure the design of form, translate the visible text
    • Disallow nag screen closing for X seconds (you choose the period)
    • Configuration documentation:
    • Call by TLLInterface.ShowNagScreen();
  • TLL Registration form configuration was placed into separate class:
    • The old registration form display method (by passing parameters to method) is still supported, the parameters will get cached in your TLLInterface instance
  • Library Toolbox license expiration configuration got new buttons to set license expiration faster than previously
  • Library Toolbox now allows to set precise time (not just date) of license expiration

New version is available through our downloads page.


We have become official reseller of MailsDaddy products

We do cooperate with our partners from MailsDaddy since 2016. MailsDaddy Inc. uses our worldwide license automation tool, Treek’s Licensing Library to protect their products and also to make customer purchase process quick, smooth and automated.

As JDSW is a specialist in e-mail services configuration, e-mail server management, e-mail data recovery and other e-mail related services, we’ve decided to bring our cooperation to another milestone. Since now, JDSW is authorized reseller of MailsDaddy products.

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Treek’s Licensing Library pricing and product changes

Dear customers, users and visitors,

after some time, we’ve decided to improve our product, not just from technical point of view. Today we’re presenting to you new changes within Treek’s Licensing Library (TLL) product and pricing policy.

  1. No more coupon codes, discounts for all.
    1. When using coupon codes, you may attract more customers, but you are also bit cheating customers who bought your product for full price. We’re still going to provide discounts on orders, depending on season and worldwide occasions. Such discounts will be automatically applied to all TLL orders. We’re starting this new pricing policy with nice winter discounts!
  2. Source code of TreeksLicensing2.dll and LibraryToolbox2.exe is now available for purchase.
    1. We trust our product. Security of TLL is not based on hiding facts, but on strong industry knowledge. For this and some other reasons, we’ve made TLL source code available for purchase.
  3. Library is available via
  4. We have new purchase process.

Together with our latest technical improvements, we believe, the TLL is now ready for year 2019 as the best licensing management solution on the market.

PF 2019

Jan Drozd software wishes all the best in 2019! Thank you for staying with us during 2018 and we hope you’ll keep in touch with us also in the future.

There are some changes we would like to announce. For long time, we were providing Treek’s Cryptographic Messenger service to individuals and  companies. Even if this product is good and technologically advanced, it didn’t find enough customers. It is always hard decision, but we believe this is the right one. Development of TCM will be stopped since 2019.

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Treek’s Password Manager autumn update

Dear customers, users and visitors,

we’re pleased to announce the release of Treek’s Password Manager autumn update containing variety of new features. Generally, we focused on improvement of user experience in this update. However, we have also fixed various bugs, strenghtened the security and added new sharing functionality. More information below, or, after you click read more. 🙂

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Treek’s Password Manager 2.1 update is released

We’ve released a minor patch for our password manager app. Generally, we’ve fixed some problems and added small number of new features.

  • Fixed password security advisor: The older discontinued API for password leakage check was replaced with new one.
    • Now only first 5 chars of password hash are sent to the server with leaked passwords DB.
  • Added option to check if database master password was leaked during widely know security breaches during database creation.
  • Reworked autotype feature
    • Autotype has now introduction screen briefly explaining how to use this feature
    • Autotype now supports custom scripts which can be used even for non-standard type of login forms
  • Improved automatic icons for passwords feature
  • Fixed clipboard manager bug causing that in very rare occasions the password (or other data) were immediately removed from clipboard right after copy
  • Performance improvements
  • Graphics library upgrade
  • Reworked about dialog