Treek’s Password Manager support end

Dear customers, users and visitors,

Treek’s Password Manager will not be developed anymore. The application is still available for download and its online services will continue to work till the end of current year (until 31st December of 2022).

Don’t worry. Jan Drozd software still continues its operation. We’re simply focusing on applications that succeeds and despite we like TPM internally, it didn’t get such audience as our other products.

After 1st of January 2023, the TPM online services will be disabled. We strongly advise you to take a backup and export the data from online databases.

TPM caches the online databases locally on your computer: This means that databases that you open before 1st January of 2023 will keep working. However, please do not rely on the cache and take a backup at least.

Software will be still available for download and all its offline features will work.

How to convert online database to offline:

  1. Open your online password database
  2. Click “Database options and tools”
  3. Click “Take backup” and save the database backup
  4. Click “Home” button in main menu
  5. Right click the free space on home page
  6. Select “Restore offline backup”
  7. Select the previously backed up file
  8. Select “Local filesystem” and choose name
  9. Click “Restore snapshot”

How to export passwords

  1. Open your online password database
  2. Click “Database options and tools”
  3. Click “Export to Excel”
  4. Choose file name
  5. Select “Use UTF-8 encoding”
  6. Click “Continue”

Note: Export is done to unecrypted CSV file. We do recommend to import it to another password manager and delete the file right after.

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