Treek’s Licensing Library winter update

Dear customers users and visitors,

we’ve released an update for Treek’s Licensing Library, version 2.1.6964.8471. This update is focused on making integration to applications even faster and can reduce integration code on client’s side to 10-20 lines of code. List of changes follows:

  • Customizable registration form
    • You can open registration form with single line of code, by calling ShowRegistrationForm method.
    • Registration form can be fully translated by changing RegistrationFormTranslations string list.
    • Registration form works for both online (TLL Activation Server) and offline (Standalone library) solutions
      • Activate online through TLL activation server using serial number
      • Activate online without interaction using hardware identifier
      • Activate offline using license string
      • Activate offline using license file
    • Buy now button opening URL you specify
  • TLLInterface.Register method now accepts also path to text file with license string inside
  • Other minor bugfixes

Registration form translation example

To make sure registration form is in language you prefer, customize the RegistrationFormTranslations property. You can do this by following code. This example assumes you have already created an instance of TLLInterface class with tlli name. This is C# example, however for use in VB, simply remove semicolons from the end of the lines.


tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("License is activated. You can enter new license below.");
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("Your hardware ID: ");
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add(" (double-click to copy)");
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("We're now searching valid license online. Please allow few seconds...");
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("Your license was automatically activated.");
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("Please enter your serial number.");
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("We're now verifying your serial number, please wait...");
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("Your license was successfully activated.");
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("It seems we're having issues with connection to activation server. Would you like to try offline activation?");
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("You must enter valid e-mail to activate your license.") ;
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("All files (*.*)") ;
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("We're now verifying entered license, please wait...") ;
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("E-mail") ;
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("Serial number") ;
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("Cancel") ;
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("Register") ;
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("Buy license") ;
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("Load license from file") ;
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("License data") ;
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("Show more licensing options");
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("Migrate to new PC");
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("Offline activation");
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("Auto activation");
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("Delete local license");
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("Copy hardware ID");
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("We have deactivated license on this computer.");
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("Actual license was cleared from registry.");
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("HardwareID was copied to clipboard.");
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("Get offline license");
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("License is activated. License owner:");
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("How to activate license on offline computer");
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("1. Note your hardware ID:");
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("2. Note offline activation form URL");
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("3. Visit offline activation form on any other online computer, use hardware ID above and get license file for this PC.");
tlli.RegistrationFormTranslations.Add("4. Copy the activation file (using USB drive, etc) to offline computer and use it.");
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