Treek’s Licensing Library pricing and product changes

Dear customers, users and visitors,

after some time, we’ve decided to improve our product, not just from technical point of view. Today we’re presenting to you new changes within Treek’s Licensing Library (TLL) product and pricing policy.

  1. No more coupon codes, discounts for all.
    1. When using coupon codes, you may attract more customers, but you are also bit cheating customers who bought your product for full price. We’re still going to provide discounts on orders, depending on season and worldwide occasions. Such discounts will be automatically applied to all TLL orders. We’re starting this new pricing policy with nice winter discounts!
  2. Source code of TreeksLicensing2.dll and LibraryToolbox2.exe is now available for purchase.
    1. We trust our product. Security of TLL is not based on hiding facts, but on strong industry knowledge. For this and some other reasons, we’ve made TLL source code available for purchase.
  3. Library is available via
  4. We have new purchase process.

Together with our latest technical improvements, we believe, the TLL is now ready for year 2019 as the best licensing management solution on the market.

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