Treek’s Licensing Library November 2019 update

Dear clients,

we’re pleased to announce some changes and new features we introduced to TLL this month. It’s always a pleasure to get feedback from our customers and improve product based on it. This month, we’ve worked closely with British company PC Assist @ Home. We’re happy for their feedback which helped us a lot to improve our service.

TLL change list:

  • Generic nag/demo screen was added to TLLInterface
    • Display demo (or shareware or trial) warning/notification by one line of code
    • Configure the design of form, translate the visible text
    • Disallow nag screen closing for X seconds (you choose the period)
    • Configuration documentation:
    • Call by TLLInterface.ShowNagScreen();
  • TLL Registration form configuration was placed into separate class:
    • The old registration form display method (by passing parameters to method) is still supported, the parameters will get cached in your TLLInterface instance
  • Library Toolbox license expiration configuration got new buttons to set license expiration faster than previously
  • Library Toolbox now allows to set precise time (not just date) of license expiration

New version is available through our downloads page.


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