Treek’s Licensing Library 2.0 released

We’re happy to announce, that new version of Treek’s Licensing Library (2.0) was released. It was built based on your feedback and contains a big number of enhacements:

  • Reworked toolbox to easily do all required tasks (create keys, generate license, verify licenses, etc)
  • Added new properties to license
    • Allowed & blocked features
    • Time server used in expiration date check
    • Hardware ID lock list
    • Trial/demo license information
    • More custom fields
  • Added license obfuscation
  • It is possible to generate license string (text) or files
  • Added easy integration features
    • Configure TLL properties of your app (public key, end user license storage,  etc.) from toolbox using TLL Init Chunk
    • Use the majority of TLL features by using one class with few methods and properties
    • Connect and work with the licensing API server
  • Reworked hardware ID algorithm
    • Hardware ID is now longer and more distinctive.
    • In very special conditions, using TLL 1.0 could lead to the same hardware ID generated on few machines. This was fixed.
  • Hashes class was reworked to support modern algorithms (SHA256, SHA512)
  • SecureRandom class was added to generate safe random numbers in case of need
  • Rijndael class was reworked to support encryption of large amounts of data
  • XML and JSON serialization helper classes were added

You can download new version from here.

We recommend to read TLL V2 documentation also.


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