TLL 2.1 upcoming changes

Dear customers, users and visitors,

we’re announcing Treek’s Licensing Library 2.1 upcoming update. This update will bring very important feature to the TLL and it also brings pricing changes.

Pricing & terms changes

Pricelist change will take place at 1st June 2017. This is the first big pricing update after years of providing successful licensing protection and activation services. We’ve prepared this change carefully and it’s result of long-term development of our products. List of changes below:

  1. Activation server source code will no longer be part of basic TLL Activation server package for $149. The price of activation server itself will stay at the same level ($149)
  2. Activation server source code will be available for purchase separately for $249 (in-house license) or $599 (distribution allowing license)
  3. TLL Unlimited license (commercial use of library by any number of developers) will be permanently discounted from $199 to $159

Existing contracts will remain unchanged. The prices not mentioned here will stay same.

TLL Insights

TLL 2.1 update includes new important feature, called TLL Insights.

TLL Insights is data collection service. Developers using TLL 2+ will automatically get this feature for free. It will give you detailed view on how your app is being distributed and how the licenses issued are used. TLL Insights will be available free for existing customers. This will allow you to detect software piracy as well as get statistics on how many users have used your app.

Of course, we’ll provide an option to disable TLL Insights if you prefer to not track your customers. We’ve coded TLL Insights in way which will not interfere with your existing environment. Also, it WILL NOT REQUIRE any code changes from your side.

We hope you’ll like the changes we introduced. We’re always open to your feedback – feel free to contact us if you have any comments on the topic.

With the best regards
Jan Drozd software company

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