Basic principles

Your privacy is very important for us and we are following some basic principles:

  • We can’t see any credentials and other related data you enter into the software
    • All the data are encrypted using your master password on your computer by strong encryption algorithms.
    • This includes, but is not limited to passwords, usernames and notes.
  • We never share the data we receive with 3rd party entities unless we’re forced by law.
    • Right now, only 2 people on the planet can access encrypted records in the database holding the data
  • We will never ask for your passwords or other confidential data
  • We only store data that we need to operate and improve the product

General data collected

Treek’s Password Manager can collect data about application’s usage and errors to allow developers to determine user patterns and fix software exceptions. This is known as telemetry data. Telemetry data does not contain any personal information. The telemetry data are anonymized.

Telemetry data are used to find and fix errors (if occurs). We can also use these data to determine the most used features and usage patterns. This allows to us to focus on the most important parts of the software product and make it better for its users.

You can optionally allow us to link your e-mail address with telemetry data we receive. This will not happen without your approval, you must request this directly in application. In case you experience issues with the software product, this feature may allow us to provide very fast solution to you.

Online sync related data collected

We’re collecting some information to allow you to use online sync. This data will be collected during registration:

  • E-mail address
    • We may send e-mails related to your account to your e-mail address. We will not send commercial messages and/or advertisement to e-mails of users registered for online sync service.
  • Registration IP address
    • To prevent scam and bots, we’re collecting IP addresses used for registrations of online sync account
  • Online sync key
    • This key is used to access your password databases, however, it allows you to download encrypted data only. This key is not related to encryption algorithm and you still need to enter master password to view your credentials. This is used as replacement for online account with password, as it improves the security.

If you purchase the premium service, we’ll receive your personal or company information.  We will not use these information to contact you, unless it is necessary to provide the service to you. If you use PayPal to process the payment, you should read PayPal’s privacy policy too.