Buy premium

Purchase links below will redirect you to PayPal. If you would like to use other payment provider, please contact us. An automated system will process your order and the service will be immediately available after payment (usually within 5 minutes).

Personal subscription

If the account you use for PayPal purchase has the same e-mail address as the Treek’s Password Manager’s online sync account, service will be automatically activated on this account. Otherwise we will send e-mail with activation code to your PayPal e-mail address used for purchase.

Company subscription (on custom domain)

We’ll send you an activation code to e-mail you use for PayPal purchases automatically. You can enter this code in Treek’s Password Manager (Online sync tab => Premium => Apply premium activation code). After entering a valid activation code the box for custom domain will appear. All accounts within your custom domain will automatically get premium subscription.

You have to own custom domain (like we own It’s not possible to use this subscription with e-mails like