PF 2019

Jan Drozd software wishes all the best in 2019! Thank you for staying with us during 2018 and we hope you’ll keep in touch with us also in the future.

There are some changes we would like to announce. For long time, we were providing Treek’s Cryptographic Messenger service to individuals and  companies. Even if this product is good and technologically advanced, it didn’t find enough customers. It is always hard decision, but we believe this is the right one. Development of TCM will be stopped since 2019.

Communication servers provided by us will keep working till the end of year 2019, we will remove software download during the summer of 2019. Hopefully this is enough time for all users to migrate to any other secure communication platform.

All other applications and services will keep working and there is no plan to discontinue them. We believe the decision we made will allow us to focus more on successful products and globally will lead to improvement of our services.

Again, thanks for staying with us!

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