Beware of fake TLL cracks, keygens and serials

Through this year, we’ve been contacted multiple times by our clients, that they’ve found a crack and other types of license circumvention software for TLL. No matter how it sounds like, we’re happy for such reports.

As TLL goes more and more popular, the groups of crooks, who distribute malware, spotted our software also. It happens to each product which goes widely popular. What is their operating scenario? We never ignore [potential] security threats and we digged into this problematics.

So we took out or test device from cabinet and started prepared virtual machine to check these cracks, how they work. What we’ve found, however, was something different than cracks.

Fake keygens, serials

We found a process giving you fake serial number in text file. This serial number didn’t look like anything ever generated by Treek’s Licensing Library. To get this text file, you had to run custom downloader application, which is forcing you to install bloatware and some other crap by dirty tricks.

Different site, similar scenario, just ending with bitcoin & other cryptocurrency miner secretly installed on our test device. And of course, no real crack provided.

No single site reported or found later by us provided real working crack for TLL itselves or the products it protects.

Due to unique architecture, usage of modern cryptographic standards and methods, TLL still remains secure for its clients. However, these sites poses risk, especially for potential customers with lower budget, looking for good licensing algorithms on the market.

We’re going to compete with these crooks. At JDSW we never liked crooks. We have looked into the deep of developers soul and possibly, we’ve found a solution even for such kind of problem, which is hard to resolve due to many obvious factors (like we cannot stop crooks from being crooks, that’s police’s job).

Write your story for a free TLL license

Well, TLL is the business. However, there is a space to help new developers, especially when they finished or are at school/college and are starting their new carrier. We understand, that in such situation, you may not be able to pay for the software. Yeah, it depends… It depends on country, family, people around you and many other factors.

Exactly as title says, you can use contact form or any other contacts and write us your story. There’s no guarantee, we’ll give you a free product license. But there is guarantee, that we will check your submission and evaluate it.

So, if you are considering search for TLL crack, what about to write us your story instead? Below some tips:

  • Introduce yourselves, tell us something about you, your life and industry experience.
  • Write us, why you think you should receive free license.
  • Write us, for what purpose/for which product you would like to use TLL
  • Write us, how you can prove your claims.
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