New product launched

We have released new tool to save money & time: Excel Stats Merger.

Nowadays, many companies process data using Microsoft Excel. They’re receiving hundreds of these files and need to merge them to see the data at once, calculate stats and much more. Our Excel Stats Merger allows you to do this easily and save hours of human work. Simply define rules for data processing and let the software do the work for you.

We would be happy to help, if you are interested in this product.

PF 2017

christmasJan Drozd software wishes Merry Christmas and all the best to customers and visitors in 2017. We appreciate your favor in 2016 and will continue to do our best to provide the best IT & security services and products.

As a small gift, everyone who’ll write us through contact form a request and 2017 wishes (until 31st December 2016) will receive one year of premium subscription of Treek’s Password Manager for free.

Treek’s Password Manager update released

We’re proud to annouce, that we’ve released version 1.2 of Treek’s Password Manager. It contains some very handy features:

  • Share credentials with other users with few clicks
    • This can be also used by network administrators to deploy credentials to users
  • View recently deleted passwords
    • We keep deleted credentials for one week in thrash in case you need them
  • Buy company subscription for custom domain
    • Starting at $24 year
    • Can be used by company on custom domain (not available for domains like
    • All accounts within domain will automatically get premium subscription (

Click here for download or visit product page.

Treek’s Password Manager comming soon

Dear users and customers,

we’re introducing new software regarding IT security industry. The Treek’s Password Manager. This brand new application for MS Windows will help you to keep all your passwords safe and easily accessible.

We will provide online storage for your password for free also, with optional premium features (backups & versioning) for very good price. Local storage will not be limited anyway and fully free to use.

The application was built with latest security standards, it uses strong 256bit encryption of your passwords. The data uploaded to cloud will be always encrypted on your machine and we have no way to read your data.

If you would like to try our pre-release version, you can download it here. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to update to the newest version easily, when we release it.

Treek’s Cryptographic Messenger 2.0 released

Dear users & customers,

the major update of Treek’s Cryptographic Messenger is now available to download as we announced earlier this week.

You can download the installation file here or you can use automatic update feature.


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Treek’s Cryptographic Messenger 2.0 comming soon

We’re happy to announce, that we have almost finished the reworked, better and more feature rich version of our secure communication platform.

We will release version 2.0 for download and through automatic updates later this week.

What can you expect from 2.0:

  • Reworked user interface
  • Multiple attachments in your messages
  • Ability to save sent messages
  • Outbox queue – to prepare messages offline and send when you come online
  • Improved performance
  • Extra encryption password layer will now encrypt all data (incl. attachments) in message, not just it’s text
  • Free non-commercial licenses
  • Dozens of other small improvements
  • Unfortunately, upgraded communication protocol will be incompatible with 1.* versions.  Don’t forget to ask your friends and colleagues to update!
  • Update will be free for all current customers

Treek’s Cryptographic Messenger update 1.7

Recently we released a new version of Treek’s Cryptographic Messenger (v. 1.7.6030.30048), containing some new amazing features:

  • Ability to mark mailbox as compromised: If you know or think, that your cryptographic keys were stolen or leaked, you can warn senders about this situation and provide new address and more information.
  • One time pairing-codes: Create short code which can be used by your friend or colleague to save your mailbox address and name.
  • Added tray context menu and some new notifications
  • Added context menu to received messages
  • Option to start TCM with login to Windows
  • If you disable automatic update, you’ll still receive notifications if there’s new version available (with ability to cancel update, of course)

You can download the latest version from product’s page or via automatic update feature, if you have TCM already installed.

This is the last update before release of major update – version 2.0, which is expected during summer holidays.


New customer site launched

We’re happy to announce, that we’ve finished a company website, for our customer.

You can visit the site here.

This company is about tree-climbing. If you need safe and well-priced tree cutting services, you should definitely visit it. Unfortunately, it’s primary target are Czech customers and the language of this site is Czech only.