Treek’s Password Manager autumn update

Dear customers, users and visitors,

we’re pleased to announce the release of Treek’s Password Manager autumn update containing variety of new features. Generally, we focused on improvement of user experience in this update. However, we have also fixed various bugs, strenghtened the security and added new sharing functionality. More information below, or, after you click read more. 🙂

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Treek’s Password Manager 2.1 update is released

We’ve released a minor patch for our password manager app. Generally, we’ve fixed some problems and added small number of new features.

  • Fixed password security advisor: The older discontinued API for password leakage check was replaced with new one.
    • Now only first 5 chars of password hash are sent to the server with leaked passwords DB.
  • Added option to check if database master password was leaked during widely know security breaches during database creation.
  • Reworked autotype feature
    • Autotype has now introduction screen briefly explaining how to use this feature
    • Autotype now supports custom scripts which can be used even for non-standard type of login forms
  • Improved automatic icons for passwords feature
  • Fixed clipboard manager bug causing that in very rare occasions the password (or other data) were immediately removed from clipboard right after copy
  • Performance improvements
  • Graphics library upgrade
  • Reworked about dialog

The comparison of VOIP software used by gamers

Recently, we have noticed that when it comes to discussion about usage of TeamSpeak, Discord, Ventrillo and other VOIP apps on social media, there is a lot of flame and generally its really interesting how strongly are users defending the communication platform they use. As we are bit experienced in providing communication software and services, we decided to put our thoughts together in this article. First things first, we do provide TeamSpeak server for friends and general public and do not provide other services (Discord, Ventrillo server). We will try to explain reasons why we’ve chosen TeamSpeak over different platforms in this article, however, we will also try to stay correct, factional and see the positives of other platforms. This article is not intended to be advertisement of any platform and even this is not advertisement for our TS server – if you read our TS3 server usage terms, you’ll find its completely non-commercial.

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JDSW Outlook addin released

We’ve released one of our smaller projects: JDSW Outlook addin.

Have you ever missed feature allowing you to assign e-mail to specific directory by simple search? Well, if yes, than you’re not alone. We were missing it too. For users with a lot of directories we’ve released simple to use addin allowing to do so within MS Outlook for Windows.

Feel free to download it and get more information from its product page.

We’re GDPR ready

In one week, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will come into practice and each business have to prepare. Of course, we took the steps to have GDPR compliance.

GDPR is more restrictive and generally describes how we have to treat your personal information we may process. It gives power of control of your personal data to you and we have to respect that. On top of it, we always did and still do our best to protect any personal data we may need to process to provide our services.

  1. We collect and process only data necessary for providing our services to you.
  2. We have records of all places, where your personal data are stored and upon request, we’ll provide all personal data we have about your person and all the information on how it’s processed.
  3. All of your personal data are stored on servers located in EU.
  4. All of our web services encrypts the traffic and thus all personal data you may transfer to us are encrypted during transfer.
  5. You have the so-called right to be forgotten. You may request, without providing a reason, at any time, the deletion of your personal data from our systems. To do so, please contact us.
    1. Please note that we must keep some personal data anyway due to the applicable law. This means that instead of data removal we may limit your data processing. Especially in case of tax law, necessity to have personal information required for fullfillment of the business contracts or due to any other legal requirements. In such case, we’ll inform you about this situation.
    2. We typically remove your data upon request as soon as possible, max. within 30 days.

For any GDPR inquiries, feel free to contact us.

New project launch soon

In less than one week, we will launch the project dedicated to Czech and Slovak players of competitive computer games.

We’re glad to announce that we’ll be the first platform in Czech republic to provide such service to users.

Stay tuned at!

Pour féliciter 2018

Jan Drozd software wishes to all customers, colleagues, family members, users of our services and all other groups in touch with us merry christmas and happy new year 2018!

We’re glad to provide worldwide software services to such user base and we’ll continue to improve our solutions for you. 🙂

We’ve prepared small gift for you. 180 days of free premium Treek’s Password Manager cloud services (automatic backups, passwords sharing and more).  You can find steps to receive this christmas gift below (inside the article).


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Treek’s Password Manager 2 is released

Dear users,

we’ve released widely announced new version of Treek’s Password Manager 2.0. Older versions will offer you to upgrade automatically.  We have completely reworked this new version, however we also kept support for your actual databases. So, you don’t have to worry, all your data will remain. Below you can find the list of changes:

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