Treek’s Password Manager support end

Dear customers, users and visitors,

Treek’s Password Manager will not be developed anymore. The application is still available for download and its online services will continue to work till the end of current year (until 31st December of 2022).

Don’t worry. Jan Drozd software still continues its operation. We’re simply focusing on applications that succeeds and despite we like TPM internally, it didn’t get such audience as our other products.

After 1st of January 2023, the TPM online services will be disabled. We strongly advise you to take a backup and export the data from online databases.

TPM caches the online databases locally on your computer: This means that databases that you open before 1st January of 2023 will keep working. However, please do not rely on the cache and take a backup at least.

Software will be still available for download and all its offline features will work.

How to convert online database to offline:

  1. Open your online password database
  2. Click “Database options and tools”
  3. Click “Take backup” and save the database backup
  4. Click “Home” button in main menu
  5. Right click the free space on home page
  6. Select “Restore offline backup”
  7. Select the previously backed up file
  8. Select “Local filesystem” and choose name
  9. Click “Restore snapshot”

How to export passwords

  1. Open your online password database
  2. Click “Database options and tools”
  3. Click “Export to Excel”
  4. Choose file name
  5. Select “Use UTF-8 encoding”
  6. Click “Continue”

Note: Export is done to unecrypted CSV file. We do recommend to import it to another password manager and delete the file right after.

Treek’s Licensing Library update released

Dear customers, users and visitors,

Treek’s Licensing Library update was released. This is minor update which fixes small bugs and adds some features:

  1. Init chunk can be loaded so you can see the previously entered values.
  2. Small bugfixes were added
  3. TLL Server got few new features and optimizations

PF 2022

Dear customers, users and visitors,

thank you for being with us during 2021. We wish all the best during 2022.

With the best regards

Jan Drozd

PF 2021

Dear customers, users and visitors,

I would like to wish you all the best in 2021. Hopefully we’ll get out of the Covid-19 pandemic soon and maybe the world will return to normal.

Despite the craziness of the current world, Jan Drozd software company continues to operate. We’re happy to provide our software solutions to hundreds of customers all over the world.

Within 2021, our flagship product, Treek’s Licensing Library should receive major update. In other words, we’re happy to announce TLL3 is coming next year. We will publicly announce the details of TLL3 improvements in the first half of the year.

We hope that you’re able to spend the time with your families and people you love.

With the best regards and hope

Jan Drozd


Rise of targeted cyber blackmailing

Dear customers, visitors and users,

in the recent months and years, we ‘ve noticed the rise of blackmailing individuals and companies through the internet. Recently, one of our customers was affected by such issue and we helped him to resolve the problem.

We’ve seen a lot of false claims during past years. This isn’t something new. Trojan horse telling you it found illegal software on your computer is very nice example. A lot of people unfortunately use unlicensed/cracked software and thus they are vulnerable to such blackmailing and virus attack.

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Services recovered after migration

Dear clients and visitors,

we’ve informed you recently about DDoS attack on our infrastructure.

We’ve already migrated affected services to specialized datacenter to prevent further impact of such attacks on our services.

We’re still collecting forensic evidence and cooperating with previous service provider and government’s CSIRT team.

We’re kindly sorry for the issues.

Best regards

Jan Drozd

Functioning of the company during the Covid-19 epidemic

Dear customers & visitors,

Europe is facing the pandemy of Covid-19 infection. We’re taking this risk into account and consider it very seriously. We’ve cancelled any personal meetings of all the staff for at least the next month. All the work we do at home office.

As we’re the software company, the current government’s restrictions do not affect us much. We do still offer our online services on usual basis and our support is available. From the customer’s point of view: JDSW company continues to operate normally.

With the best regards
Jan Drozd

Cooperation announcement

Dear customers and visitors,

we’re pleased to announce that project we’ve worked on whole last year finally went online.

The Artinii company fills the gap between cinemas and home screening. For the best prices on the market, you can organize your screenings for group of people legally. The only thing you need is a projector and freely available player software, we’ve developed for Artinii.

Jan Drozd software provided its long term and deep knowledge of IT security industry and licensing protection. Thanks to this cooepration, producer’s movies are protected with the latest and the most advanced anti-piracy technology. On the other hand, as a customer, you don’t need any IT skills to buy and play the movie. The full process of getting and playing movie is very easy. Just buy movie, download Artinii Video Player and that’s all.

The evolution of movie industry has just began. Stay tuned.

PF 2020

We wish all the best to all people in year 2020! Thank you for staying with us.

There’s always a lot to do and there’s always something to improve.

Our software is used by people accross all continents. It is also widely used by many different industries. Starting at small software developers, ending with wood processing industry.

We’re happy that our software helped and we’ll continue to do our best in 2020.

Once again, thank you for staying with us.