Treek’s Poker Tournament Director

About application

Treek's Poker Tournament Director (TPTD) was developed as easy to use management system for small and medium size poker rooms and for home poker tournaments.  It combines poker supervisor and poker time software to one package, containing all necessary features.


  • Tournament's preparation (prize pool, blinds, buy-in, other settings)
  • Handle cash balance of players
  • Run the tournament registration, time the rounds, set time banks
  • Pay the winnings by setting busted players instantly
  • Organize cash game
  • Show the graphical output of tourney on secondary screen (TV, projector, etc.)
  • Create custom designed tourney screens
  • Encrypt the database
  • Much more


You can download the application for free.


Unfortunately, Treek's Poker TD was discontinued and will not be supported or updated anymore. However, if you like the software, feel free to contact us to get PRO license.