Rust server monetization software

Get extra income from your Rust server

Our custom Rust plugins and services help you to monetize Rust server and market it.



  • By selling Reward Points on your server through automated system we deploy for you (PayPal payment gateway)
  • By running JDSWServerAffiliate.cs plugin
  • By attracting more users with exclusive functionality - using JDSWSecretService.cs plugin

Download JDSW Rust server monetization software pack now

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JDSW Payment Gateway for Rust

Our custom coded plugin for Rust leverages benefits of existing ecosystem of Server Rewards plugin. JDSW Payment Gateway for Rust solution automatically processes Reward Points (RPs) purchases from your website.

Server rewards is a free plugin allowing you to award players for many kinds of different activities with Reward Points, which they can spent in nice Rewards Shop (accessible in-game by /s chat command).

How it works?

We have multiple scenarios for going through Reward Points purchase

Scenario 1:

  1. User visits your website and selects amount of RPs
  2. User is redirected to PayPal
  3. User automatically receives chat command to claim RPs to his e-mail. Of course, after purchase is validated & confirmed by automated system.

Scenario 2

  1. User visits your website and selects amount of RPs
  2. User logs in to your website via Steam (and optionally selects server, if you have more than one)
  3. User is redirected to PayPal
  4. User is automatically credited with RPs after successfull purchase. No other action is required from the user.
    1. Just in case, we also send an email with claim code even when user is logged in via Steam anyway. This is a backup for any unusual error during whole automated process.

There are thousands of possible configurations of Server Rewards.

  • You can sell VIP accounts
  • You can sell items which cannot be crafted by default
  • You can give to player guns or extra resources for Rewards Points
  • You can sell Vehicle licenses

JDSW Payment Gateway leverages years of our experience in secure & automated PayPal purchases processing. It connects to our Rust IPN API server application (more info below) which is part of our Rust server monetization service.

JDSW Server Affiliate plugin

JDSW Affiliate plugin for Rust fits to servers which needs to extend their player base. It gives Reward Points (RPs) to player for inviting their friends to server. It also automatically provides daily RP rewards to returning player. Of course automatically.

  • Player can type /invite to see his own invite code
  • Friend of player can type /invite code to redeem RP bonus for him and inviting game partner
  • Player is automatically credited with daily RP bonus on connection event and is notified via chat message about such bonus. In case (s)he is reconnecting next day, player receives increased bonus. Bonus can be optionally multiplied if player has server name you specify in Steam nickname.
    • Example.: First day 50 RPs, second day 100 RPs, third day 150 RPs, etc. Reward is increased till it reaches limit you specify. If player connects after 2 or more days, bonus is reset to base value.

Plugin is configurable & feature rich

  • You can disable plugin at all
  • You can specify RP amount awarded for invitation
  • You can limit count of claimed bonuses (ex.: bonus will be awarded to first 5 friends)
  • You can specify base daily reward and its increase step
  • You can multiply daily reward for players with your server name (or any other text you set) within Steam nickname


JDSW Secret Service plugin

JDSW Secret Service extends your Rust server with extra functionality for players. It allows them:

  • To scan player bases to get info about
    • its owner name
    • its content (no. of doors, boxes, etc.)
  • To protect players from being scanned by Secret Service

Plugin configuration

  • You can set scan price
  • You can set hourly price of Secret Service protection
  • You can configure delay between purchase and scan results availability
  • You can configure maximum number of scans in progress
  • You can assign access to these features using Oxide's permission system
  • Of course, you can disable this functionality at all

JDSW Rust IPN API server

To make both of plugins above working, just Rust server is not enough. You need webserver and database server for:

  • Processing notification about payments (webserver)
  • Keeping data about transactions and claimed invite bonuses (database)

Our service includes both! Access to its binaries and also 1 year of hosting for it. JDSW Rust IPN API server is ASP.NET applicaton. We've already developed an automated solution for processing payments in similar way, just for software licensing. JDSW Rust IPN API is based on this experience,

  • Security: All communication between plugin and server is done using HTTPS
  • Security #2: You can limit requests to API server to just your Rust Server IP address to keep digital crooks out.
  • Suitable for owners of multiple servers: All your Rust servers can connect to the same API - one purchase is (can be) claimable on all of your servers. Also, it is possible to claim invite bonus for invite from one server to another, when Rust servers share the same API. Of course, you can keep separate databases for each of your servers, if you would like.
  • SMTP integration: Send purchase confirmation e-mails through your own mailserver, if you would like

Get the software package as a service

You can get fully working solution just for $10 per year. This includes:

  • IPN API hosting on our infrastructure
  • IPN API installation, and configuration
  • Help with installation & configuration of our plugins to your Rust server
  • Support and updates during the subscription period

This package does not include access to IPN API server part binaries. To run IPN API server part on your own, you need at least Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system configured to run ASP.NET applications. On top of that you need license to use our IPN API server for Rust on your own as described below.

IPN API binaries license

You may be the person who does not like to rely on third party service and infrastructure. In such case, of course, you can host IPN API server on your own.

Access to IPN API server binaries costs $49. This package includes:

  • License to use IPN API binaries and install it as many times as you wish (and on any number of servers)

and the rest of subsriber's package:

  • IPN API hosting on our infrastructure 1 year free as a bonus and for case of issues with your infrastructure
  • IPN API installation and configuration (on your ASP.NET server using Windows Server operating system - at least 2008 R2)
  • Help with installation & configuration of our plugins to your Rust server
  • Support and updates - 1 year

If you are existing customer: we'll give you 10 USD discount for each year you used our subscription service! Contact us to get this discount.

Please note that Windows Server device is required to run IPN API as it is ASP.NET application.

Important note

We DO NOT guarantee any profit to you. Success of Rust server depends on much more than on having working payment gateway and affiliate system! However, we will do our best to implement our solution for you. We do not provide any trading or broker services, we're technology company.


  1. We will manually check your purchase and prepare all necessary things within 24 hours (usualy sooner)
  2. We will reach you through e-mail you used for PayPal purchase
    1. If you use different e-mail for communication and PayPal purchases, please let us know.
    2. Sometimes, we can meet aggressive SPAM filters. Please check also SPAM folder and if you do not receive email within 24 hours from us, please contact us using our form and provide alternative e-mail address.
  3. The e-mail will include - link to included files download, configuration instructions and some questions regarding it
    1. Please respond to this e-mail, so we can customize the service fully for your needs.
  4. We set everything according communication with you

  1. DonationClaim.cs has different command: /claim [email protected] - this is less secure, if you know the [friend|anyone's] email you can try to claim his purchases. JDSW plugin is secured.
  2. DonationClaim IPN PHP script is less secure and can be fooled to give donation rewards for free. JDSW has expertise regarding licensing and payment gateways and our IPN script is much more secure.
  3. You get complete service from our side. IPN+API script setup and hosting for that script, then help with your server config and plugin install.
  4. You don't need any extra database or service on the Rust server.
  5. To use free plugin, a lot of extra work is required. We tried that, for sure, before writing this plugin. We had to fix the scripts and generally, advanced IT knowledge to make it running was required. Our service does not require professional IT skills from your side. You just need Rust server & PayPal account & some website to show the PayPal buttons (we can host the buttons for you in case of need).

Well, maybe, this is not the right question. Tebex is online service creating eshop with Rust items for you (server owners). We do provide software for one-time price.

With exception: Hosting for IPN-API server. For most users, it is hard to make own web server with database running from scratch. More precisely, you need some expertise to make ASP.NET apps running. To make whole process much easier for Rust server admins, we included hosting for the IPN-API server for free (1 year, next is as low as $15 or you can migrate to your own server) to our package.

Do you compare fruit in shop with your hairdresser service? We don't like to do so. But: We charge you one time for software, Tebex charges you constantly (if you grow enough). What if you can get a lifetime hairdrasser for a fruit piece price?

Generally, yes. However, it has some rules:

  1. We can't do technically impossible things. Obviously.
  2. We can't spend dozens of hours on customizing solution for $49. We can do small changes in price, if all changes required are accomplishable within 2 hours of our's programmer time. If you rely on customizations, please contact us and describe your ideas before you make a purchase.
  3. Customization must be reasonable and must fit into our solution. We reserve the right to evaluate this. In case you would like to get some custom software, let us know and we may agree on custom contract.

We believe it is crucial to propagate your server through the internet, thus website is absolutely a must have thing. There's a lot of web hosters through the internet which will provide you even with FREE web hosting service. We definitely recommend to have a website, but you can still have some shortlinks hosted by us leading to PayPal, if you insist. 🙂